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Online – Gradual Price Reduction Patent:
Goods & Services (AKA ‘
Internet Trading')

•A better method than all known online stores, but can add to better business.
•Eliminates auctions 3-10 days waiting, and offer updates.
•A new, exciting, revolutionized method of online sales.
•The price is gradually reduced during the duration of the posting.
•The seller does not have to keep updating the posted offer.
•Trade is completed when the buyer ‘grabs’ the product or service.
•The sale begins a new posting.
•Successfully resolve the disadvantages of other auction methods such as:
 ******* General Auctions, Low Price Internet Shopping, 
******* “Buy It Now”, Buyer’s Price, Two-Phase Process   and Reverse Auction.

Online Gradual Price Reduction Patent
The new patent presents a new method, concept and process for internet sale of
goods and services, revolutionizing the current trading methods.

It will bring a new spirit, excitement, and interesting way of online purchasing. For large corporation, it will brilliantly complement the existing price marketing models.

The patent enables users to post goods and services for sale at the maximum price, which thereafter is gradually reduced to a minimum, pre-selected price, based on pre-programmed methods and programs, according to a pre-selected schedule of price reduction, based on frequencies and sequences of amounts of time, money and percentage, respectively.

CONSUMERS LOVE LOWER PRICES. When the price is reduced constantly, a person can decide at one point to “grab” the item or service. This is a new excitement!

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