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PrideR Scooter™ PBF R

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World's only, Standing only, Slow Moving, 3-Wheel Scooter - Allowed Anywhere

Best For Seniors & Persons Who Cannot Walk Long Distance;
Now They Can--------> Stand & 'Walk' Proudly™

Patent & MFG For Sale By Owner
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Here is Why PrideR Scooter (World's Best)

---------> •Can be used for Personal, Commercial, SEcurity,POlice,Military, Trade Shows,
----------> Business - Large Facilitiesetc, Apartmenet Complex, and more
---------> •Excellent for Seniors who have cannot walk long distance
---------> •Disassembled & Put in A Car in Seconds
---------> •Standing only, slow moving, two lightweight parts, easy to carry and use.
---------> •Slow moving at under 4.9 MPH, safer.
---------> •Allowed virtually anywhere, and Airplanes (TSA & U.N. 38.3 Compliance)
---------> •It gives people who feel self- conscious to use wheelchairs a gift of life;
----------> Now they can "Stand ‘N ‘Walk’ Proudly"™
---------> •Triple Disc Brake System for all three wheels: Rear Pedal and front Lever
---------> •Patented Foot Pedal Brake - Also Motorr Cut-Off
---------> •Has a Folding Front
---------> •Two parts, each about 20-22 Lbs.
---------> •Unique Patented Luggage Carrier Assembled (See photo)

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BRIEF - Patented Magical Innovation

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The PrideR, World’s only, multi purpose new standing only slow moving (under 5 MPH) scooter- is also a gift of life providing mobility to many seniors who cannot walk long distance, but can stand and drive a scooter.
Mainly, it is a GIFT OF LIFE for people  feel self-conscious to use wheelchairs publically ( due public stigma).
Now they can Stand ‘N ‘Walk’ Proudly™.

The 2 lightweight parts enabling disassembly and loading onto a car trunk in seconds. Also, a patented carrier enables
putting 1-3 luggage as seen in the photos here.(depends of driver’s ability to control. Owner has done that many times).

This 3-wheel patented scooter has a patented Mechanical Magical innovation including a Quick-Attachment Mechanism  to remove the two parts, and triple brakes with a front lever (stops front motor wheel) and a foot pedal, which stops both rear wheels  and at the same time cut-off the motor power.

USAGE: The PrideR Scooter can also be used for Personal, Commercial, Security, Police, Military, Warehouses, trade shows, and more. Having U.N. 38.3 Safety certificate, it is allowed by all governmental agencies and facilities, and on all airplanes (by the cabin)!, and virtually anywhere.

Remember: This patent and the manaufacturing business is for sell. For that, contact CEO
                        Make Americans 'Walk ' Again
 óŹ    INTRODUCTION – Agents – Buyers Wanted âóŹâóŹâóŹ
 is the  Worlds  Best and Only
           Standing-only, Slow-moving 3-Wheel Electric Scooter

It Gives Seniors & Other People With Mobility Difficulties a Gift of Life
Now They Can Stand & ‘Walk’ ProudlyTM

A Safer, Publically Acceptable & Less Expensive Future Ride-Sharing Scooter
The  is a revolutionary lightweight electric scooter, especially for people with mobility difficulties and seniors. It brings a new hope to millions with medical conditions who are  unable to walk long or short distances.  These people can now have a new life by more easily leaving home, getting around, traveling and ‘walking’ in and out of their homes.

U.S.patent # 8167074
Many among millions who have trouble walking feel self-conscious using wheelchairs, including some of the 1.2 million who undergo knee/hip replacements annually in the U.S. Those who are able to stand & operate a scooter can now enjoy a new life with more freedom.

This is the world’s only scooter with Joseph’s patented ‘Quick-Attachment  Mechanism’, 2 removable lightweight parts, triple brakes, & patented foot-brake pedal, all which make it a unique structure and design resulting in a magical innovation.    These innovations enable quick assembly & disassembly and  make it easy for one person to put the scooter in the trunk in 14 seconds.

Most importantly, the Prider  scooter is allowed in airplanes, buses, trains, and virtually anywhere.

The Prider is ultra-nimble, ultra-portable scooter, which also provides mobility to people in many industries and areas such as commercial, governmental, business, military, tourism, security, police, and leisure. It is a safer (under 5 mph) and better alternative to fast-moving and dangerous 2-wheel scooters, many of which are prohibited from use in many cities. 

WANTED: U.S., Canada, MX and International agent. Patent buyers are welcome.


For further information please contact Joseph Tsiyoni, CEO, PrideR, LLC.
Or  See:  (see photos & videos)


    PROBLEM    People can’t load current scooters into car trunks or travel with. They need a vehicle carrier, or a wheelchair, therefore most likely stay home.

      SOLUTION   A standing only, slow moving, 3-wheel, 2-part, an ultra-nimble, ultra-portable electric scooter. It resolves all known problems. It can be disassembled and loaded into a trunk in seven (10) seconds, and is allowed anywhere, including in airplanes and all public places. In compliance with TSA and airlines regulations.
          USERS lSeniors and people with mobility difficulties, who can stand. 3% out of 70M.
                                      lIndividuals – for personal use such as for leisure.
                                      lBusinesses, manufacturing facilities and warehouses.
                                      lSecurity: Police, apartments, hotels and large respective businesses.
l Disassembled & Put in A Car in Seconds 
l Standing only, slow moving, two lightweight parts, easy to carry and use.   
l Slow  Moving at 4.35 MPH, safer               
l Allowed virtually anywhere, and Airplanes (U.N. 38.3 Compliance)

l It gives people who feel self- conscious to use wheelchairs a gift of life. 
                               Now they can     “Stand ‘N ‘Walk’ ProudlyTM.” 

l Triple Disc Brake System  for all three wheels    l Has a Folding Luggage/bags carrier
l Brake Auto Motor Cut-Off.                             l Two parts, each about 20-22 Lbs.


Joseph Tsiyoni, CEO, is also the owner/founder of Shairon Int’l. Trade Co. since 1989. It develops and manufacturers Tsiyoni’s inventions, and publishes Tsiyoni’s book. (former owner of abrasives import co.)
US patent 8167074B1 and © Copyrights 2019 are property of Joseph Tsiyoni. All rights reserved. 

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