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Including: PrideR New Electric Scooter & World's Smallest Hoist
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For All Patents - Inventions - Businesses: Open PDF--> tab PDF file tab email us
For Details, Proceed by Item's Number Below the Numbered List img-awwor big

1. PrideR: World's Best Slow Moving Scooter For All!. Open-->:tab power pointtab pdfimg-awwor big
2. Online Gradual Price Reduction (Internet )Goods & power pointtab pdfimg-awwor big
3. Internet Venture - Possible Multi-Billion $ - Future Advertising Venture
4. Pick 'Em All® Patent, ® Reg. TM, Inventory, DOMAIN, BOOKS, Copyrighttab email us
5. 28" Midget Hoist for vehicle maintenance. World's smallest hoist.
Tsiyoni’s Books Rights 4 Sale +Inventory: Easy English For All;  AsthmaGone;  Casino Winner
7. Mover Invention: Move 'Em Around™ - Moving Fitness Machines, Bikes, Furniture
8. P.C. Back-Up Invention: Details below.
9. Educational & Word Game Invention. Details below.
10. Puzzle Invention:   Alternative to famous RUBIK'Ss™ CUBE


No. 1 

PrideR Scooter PBF R

World's only, Standing only, Slow Moving, 3-Wheel Scooter - Allowed Anywhere

Patent & MFG For Sale By Owner
Best For Seniors & Persons Who Cannot Walk Long Distance;
Now They Can--------> Stand & 'Walk' Proudly™

.................Videos: Click Image under Arrow...Sharks App:.1M..img-arror sml...Best img-arror sml4Min...img-arror smlIn AP Cabin................
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tab  40 sec assemblytab PPtab PDFtab email us

Here is Why PrideR Scooter (World's Best)

---------> •Can be used for Personal, Commercial, Security, Police, Military, Trade Shows,
----------> Business - Large Facilities. etc, Apartment Complex, and more
---------> •Excellent for Seniors who have cannot walk long distance
---------> •Disassembled & Put in A Car in Seconds
---------> •Standing only, slow moving, two lightweight parts, easy to carry and use.
---------> •Slow moving at under 4.9 MPH, safer.
---------> •Allowed virtually anywhere, and Airplanes (TSA & U.N. 38.3 Compliance)
---------> •It gives people who feel self- conscious to use wheelchairs a gift of life;
----------> Now they can "Stand ‘N ‘Walk’ Proudly"™
---------> •Triple Disc Brake System for all three wheels: Rear Pedal and front Lever
---------> •Patented Foot Pedal Brake - Also Motorr Cut-Off
---------> •Has a Folding Front
---------> •Two parts, each about 20-22 Lbs.
---------> •Unique Patented Luggage Carrier Assembled (See photo)

tab pdftab hebrew infoPBF Rimg-prider carrier marked

BRIEF - Patented Magical Innovation

The PrideR, World’s only, multipurpose new standing only slow moving (under 5 MPH) scooter- is also a gift of life providing mobility to many seniors who cannot walk long distance, but can stand and drive a scooter. Mainly, it is a GIFT OF LIFE for people  feel self-conscious to use wheelchairs publically ( due public stigma). Now they can Stand ‘N ‘Walk’ Proudly™.

The 2 lightweight parts enabling disassembly and loading onto a car trunk in seconds. Also, a patented carrier enables
putting 1-3 luggage as seen in the photos here.(depends of driver’s ability to control. Owner has done that many times).

This 3-wheel patented scooter has a patented Mechanical Magical innovation including a Quick-Attachment Mechanism  to remove the two parts, and triple brakes with a front lever (stops front motor wheel) and a foot pedal, which stops both rear wheels  and at the same time cut-off the motor power.

USAGE: The PrideR Scooter can also be used for Personal, Commercial, Security, Police, Military, Warehouses, trade shows, and more. Having U.N. 38.3 Safety certificate, it is allowed by all governmental agencies and facilities, and on all airplanes (by the cabin)!, and virtually anywhere.

Remember: This patent & the manufacturing business is for sell. For that, contact CEO:TAB EMAIL CEO

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 No. 2

Online Gradual Price Reduction Patent: Goods and Services

                           (AKA "Internet Trading" U.S. Patent # 8359230)tab power pointtab pdf

REVOLUTIONARY Internet Trading Concept,  process & System, which revolutionize the AUCTION- type internet trading, and brings more excitement.  This invention will bring a new spirit to the internet trading of selling and buying goods and services.

Press Release - Gradual Price Reduction Patent
A New Online Price Reduction Patent Which Changes The Industry

An Alternative To eBay and all Auctions Companies; Changes Internet Buying & Selling
American consumers will benefit most from the new invention (Pat. # 8359230)

The patented invention is an Online Gradual Price Reduction for Goods & Services (AKA ‘Internet Trading Patent’),
a revolutionary patent. It will most-likely change the internet and online trading of goods and services. It is based on offering products and services at frequent price reduction until the product is ‘purchased’ before someone
else can get it. 

The new patent provides a new and exciting, revolutionary method of internet trading, felt   from watching
the price continuously reduce. Trade is completed at the moment a buyer decides to ‘grab’ the product or
service, which subsequently starts a new sale.

The new method of Gradual Price Reduction™ “will take the country by surprise, bringing a much-needed new spirit and excitement to internet trading, and to the slowly dying ‘auction’ industry of selling goods and services.” 
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 No. 3
Internet Venture - JV or Acquisition

tab pdf file

- A Multi-Billion Dollars Opportunity (Potentially).
A New Revolutionary Concept - Future Advertising Venture

Buyers - Partners Wanted

This is a once in life time opportunity, which may change the life of all owners, partners, and the company. This is a multi-billion dollars project (venture), so please kindly consider my proposal.

The nature of the concept is a unique advertising venture, which is superior. I have developed, and I am the architect of the website, but my professor built it.

We should be No. 1 in the world in the general area of INTERNET ADVERTISEMENT. I cannot Specify more now, only after NDA, yet, based on my reputation and experience, trust me this is HUGE.
More details when we speak, pending NDA when appropriate.

A good partner would be an IT/Web Design company, or an investor with appropriate fund.

A buyer of the venture will also get the website.


No. 4:
Pick 'Em All® Invention

World's Best Universal RandomNumber Selector
(Hand-Held, None-Battery) for all games of   chance, Lottos, Lotteries,Power-Ball, Etc.
  tab web pickWatch Video: Click on ----->IMG-PICK CARDtab pdf

 For Sale: Website, Registered Mark, Inventory

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  A Hand-Held random number selector, including all Lotteries,
PowerBall, Mega, racing,    Keno, Roulette, etc.


No. 5
28" Midget Hoist- World's Smallest

Pulls 15 Parts of Heavy Truck By One Man - On Ground!!

img-hoist fullIMG-HOISTJOE 1img-hoist dn singleTAB PDF FILEimg-floorimg trunk

Best Maintenance Tool For Vehicles Over 2,000 lBS.

World Smallest Hoist. Approved, recommended & purchased by U.S. Defense, Air Force, Navy,
National Guard. (Special Defense NSN)

This is a VEHICLE PARTS PULLER of 15 parts by one (1) man only! On the ground.
Pays itself after 10 working hours!!-

img trunkimage  brack double img splitterboximg-hoist fullimg d lineIMG-HOIST DN SINGLE

No. 6

Tsiyoni’s Books:  Inventory – Copyrights, DomainS:
Easy English For All
;  AsthmaGone;  Casino Winner

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Click on image image arrow sml to open all info and (click on) tab image arrow sml PDF
image 3 books

...................1. Easy English For All - Basic Through Advanced
...................2. Beat 'Em All Casino Winner
...................3. AsthmaGone? -- How Asthma Symptoms Disappeared In Six Months

Book 1:
Easy English For All - Basic Through Advanced

(Exact Title and By Joseph Tsiyoni, not anyone else whomay violate copyrights)

img easy backimg easy cover

tab WEB EASYtab home


the world's best self-study and reference English grammar book, the book of  the future and a "school at home". 
The Easy English For All - Basic Through Advanced covers the most commonly used parts of the English language, written in
a special format developed by the author. The book is excellent for teachers and for students from 6th grade to and includes college students.  It is also good for students in various English programs such as ESL, ELL, ABE, EFL, ELT and GED.

Book 2:
Beat 'Em All Casino Winner

img casino backIMG-CASINO FRONT

tab web SP

A new concept in gambling is presented in this book by Joseph Tsiyoni, author of several professional books, professional auditor
and analyst and an inventor. He draws on 20 years of casino experience in developing this new approach and new concept in gambling.

In Mr. Tsiyoni's professional opinion, the book, which is written in a new format, is one of the best gambling books available, if not
the best one. It consists of easy to follow instructions, which show experienced or first-time gamblers a new way to make their trip to the casino enjoyable. The new concept is based on playing only some games for pleasure, and playing one specific game to win.

The instructions tell when to play, how to play, where to play, and how much money to bet, etc. Tsiyoni's step by step guide to
gambling proves there is a better way to win, a better way to play, a better way to have fun. The new format, consisting of 133 numbered sections, makes the referral from one section to another easy. It enables experienced gamblers to skip sections containing information they may already know. (Note: Book has B/W photos/cover)

Book 3: AsthmaGone?
How Asthma Symptoms Disappeared In Six Months
(Exact Title and By Joseph Tsiyoni exactly to avoide violaters of copyrightsand get the wrong instructions)

img-ag back short img-ag front short

A cure for asthma & bronchitis may have been found (Dr. J. Koder’s natural process)

Nothing is more convincing than testimonies of some of hundreds people who were cured from asthma and bronchitis. That is thanks to a simple cooking process which was developed by the late physician, Dr. Julien J. Koder, M.D. and Dentist. He himself treated hundreds with his 6-months natural grain cooking process, whereby all asthma and bronchitis symptoms disappeared.  The process is well described in Joseph Tsiyoni’s book "AsthmaGone? How Asthma Symptoms Disappeared In Six Months".  

Mr. Tsiyoni believes that this is the only known process which  helps people who suffer from Asthma, Bronchitis,
Coryza& Irritative Cough. All existing medications can only relieve attacks and pain until the next episode. Nothing totally prevents attacks, hospitalization; nothing is as helpful as Dr. Koder’s proven process.  Many people have been missing a great opportunity to enjoy a life-time opportunity using this ONE-TIME, EXTREMELY INEXPENSIVE natural process, instead of taking many medications and suffer at high cost. 

 “AsthmaGone” reveals Dr. J. Koder's natural grain cooking process, which eliminated all asthma and bronchitis symptoms of hundreds of people each in 6 months, using only $45 worth of a natural grain(now about $95). The process described in Tsiyoni’s book, along with information on omega oils (in the grain) is simple, and easy to use. Note that Omega Oils have been the main element in a massive world-wide research for a cure for asthma.  Following is one permitted testimonial example:

James Matt: "Dear Joseph: wonderful that Asthma Process  worked wonders for my 6-year old son, son's asthma in six months seems to be totally gone. ... Now he takes nothing....
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No. 7

Move 'Em Around™ Invention:
For Moving Fitness Machines, Bikes and Furniture


This is a new, small device which helps anyone to move around items such as Fitness Machines, Exercise
Bikes, Furniture, and other items. Thus innovative improved invention for sale including the to be filed
patent application, well prpared.


Take Over This Invention !

A bikes and furniture dolly-type apparatus, for multi purposes, especially for moving fitness machines,
exercise bikes and furniture.

Due to difficulties moving exercise bikes and fitness machines, especially in narrow places such as home, and due to the weight of such machines, physical damage is common for people who attempt to move such equipment. Although some have fitness machines have front or rear flat special wheels, the user must lift one side to push the machine. This would surely cause back and other damages, even hernia.

Other machines take several people to move.

The Move 'Em Around™ makes moving fitness machines easily, such as fitness bike, which can be moved by one person using a few fingers only. The photo below shows one exercise bike with front flat wheels, and a flat
metal bar in the rear, without wheels. A person must lift the bike and push it in order to move it around.


No. 8


Solution to the back-up  nightmare.
This is the most significant invention in the area of computer accessories.
A   P.C. DEVICE which resolves a computer user’s nightmare of computer hard disc failure and/or loss of programs, files and/or software, especially when time consuming is critical to complete computer work (operation) or inability to immediately repair the damage.

The device IS A SMALL ACCESSORY to be connected to the computer, thus enabling a new method of backup, which does not exist. It is inexpensive, easy to use, and revolutionary.
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No. 9

Temporary Names:  KNOW IT ALL™; Pick 'N Learn
A Revolutionary Educational Game - Makes Boggle Obsolete

EMAIL OR CALL  480-949-0894 tab PDF


This is multi-purpose, hand-held device, light-weight, a fun to play with, hand-held game, which can be used anywhere at home, while traveling in cars, airplane, train, or at school, playground, etc. It is also a good group game, enabling a few children to play together and compete.

The game enables users to randomly select letters and numbers for the purpose of playing all the games listed above, and for teaching and learning. It can be used for:



No. 10
 Puzzle Invention  
And Alternative To Rubik's Cube -

PuzzleSick™ --- PuzzleStix™tab PDF

img-puzzla allimg-puzzla dualimg-puzzle singleimg-puzzla box

Introducing PuzzleSick™„ (PuzzleStix) A toy puzzle more difficult than the Rubik™ Cube.
PuzzleSick™ is intended to become the new world's toughest challenge to people.

Buyer - partners are wanted to takeover this invention.

The product s made of wood, thus extremely easy and inexpensive to manufacture.
Potential buyers or partners should submit background information, current occupation and
place of work, position, and indication of financial ability to pay for the transaction.


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